About St. Andrew’s

Drawn by the friendly and welcoming nature of our faith community, the people of St. Andrew’s come from various locations in Green and Rock counties to renew their faith through worship, study and fellowship.   We seek to join the wider community by participating in projects that reach out to others and make more concrete our own calling to love and serve the God of love who has met us in the person of Jesus.

Please join us Sundays when we worship (Worship is at 10:30 a.m.) or share in our informal multi-generational Gathering events (The Gathering meets at 9:45 a.m. every other Sunday morning.  See News & Events.)   At St. Andrew’s we also meet on select Wednesday evenings or Friday noons when we come together to study the Bible or worship informally together.  Missions also is important to us.  If you are interested in joining  us for mission projects,  please see the News section on this webpage.

At St. Andrew’s we also randomly host healing services.  These are for the whole community, not just our parish.  All are welcome.  These will be listed on Coming Events.

What does ‘Episcopal’ mean, anyway?

‘Episcopal’ is a word (with Latin and Greek roots) for a bishop or overseer.

In our tradition, a bishop is a priest who has been ordained or set aside to serve as a pastor and overseer of a group of churches gathered together in what is known as a diocese.   ‘Episcopal’ in our church name points out the special role played in our churches by our Bishop.

Here in southern Wisconsin (roughly the southern third of our State), our diocese is The Episcopal Diocese of Milwaukee and our Bishop is The Right Reverend Steven A. Miller.  For more information about the diocese and our bishop, please visit diomil.org.

The Rev. Dr. Lawrance Glenn is our priest.  His contact information is found on the Contact page.  He is available to any and all who may need his services.

How would you describe your faith community at St. Andrew’s?

St. Andrew’s is a small but energetic faith community.  People who come here have an opportunity to share their lives along with their faith.  We support and care for one another.  St. Andrew’s also is a faith community concerned about the surrounding community.  We value mission outreach projects and look for ways to connect with the wider Green County community.   Our Thank You Basket project to area veterans and their families and our Grief and Loss outreach program are examples of this concern.  Pictures of our Thank You Basket Projects are available in the photo section of this website.

What does your church value in terms of its faith traditions?

Often the nature of our faith community is seen on Sunday morning when we worship together.  Our usual worship includes two main sections:  Word and Holy Communion.

In the first part of our worship,  we read, hear and reflect upon several passages of Scripture.  Both Old and New Testament lessons are read along with a section from the Psalms.  The Gospel is read and often we pay special attention to this reading.  The sermon, usually ten to fifteen minutes long, often explores  one or several of these readings.

In the second part of our worship,  we come to the altar to receive both bread and wine that have been blessed by a priest and congregation together gathered in worship.  We believe that God can be encountered in this sacrament of Holy Eucharist (the giving of thanks) which is our frequent term for what others might call ‘Holy Communion’ or ‘Mass.’

And then there is community:  In our church, sharing and fellowship are important.  This is a place where you can be known,  make friends,  receive support,  and provide encouragement as we sit around the table, drinking coffee after church.

Please join us some Sunday or call our priest,  Fr. Brian, at 630-939-3313 for more information.